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 Women Development Centre

Educating and empowering women is paramount to eliminating poverty & building communities. 


Young &. Brave

Young & Brave Mentoring program equips women to develop skills necessary to be successful in life and become stronger decision makers. The program helps women discover more about themselves and their abilities, develop confidence and are inspired to become great leaders.

Empowerment Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help women gain confidence, practice self-care, and support each other's personal or professional success


Enterpreneurial Skills Training

We Inspire, Educate, Celebrate, And Advance Future And Current Women Entrepreneurs as well as provide opportunities for economic empowerment

New Immigrant Career Pathway

Our EX.C.E.L program is targeted towards New Immigrant Women. We  provide opportunities for Skills training, Mentorship, Collaboration, resources and Support for these Newcomer women  in order to help them settle and Excel in a new environment. Our Women’s Work program takes an Empowerment approach to Career services. .

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