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New Immigrant Women Services

Empowered Women's Network provides unique and essential programming for newcomer women and their young children. We understand the challenges that immigrant women go through while trying to adjust to a new life in Canada. We provide personalized information, guidance and support services that are carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of immigrant and racialized women and their families.


Our services are open to newcomer women who are permanent residents, students, refugees and on work permit. We provide important orientation, supportive one-on-one counselling, help in accessing services and programs, referrals and group information sessions on different topics related to health, housing, education, employment, Canadian law, income tax, Child Tax Benefits, immigration and social assistance. 

Our EX.C.E.L program is targeted towards New Immigrant Women. We  provide opportunities for Skills training, Mentorship, Collaboration, resources and Support for these Newcomer women  in order to help them settle and Excel in a new environment


. Our Women’s Work program takes an Empowerment approach to Career services. .

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